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Proper gutter cleaning services and maintenance will help maintain efficient rain and melted snow drainage. Whether you are replacing 5 inch, 6 inch, half rounds, steel, copper, or aluminum gutters, Marathon’s team can replace or repair any style gutters – K-Style, Half-Round, and Box, and your ventilated soffits – beautifying and protecting your home and property.


Home Protection

A lot of water comes down in even light rain, and it adds up when it reaches your gutter. If that drainage is not properly going down your downspout, it can lead to flooding, damaging your landscape, or even dangerous mold in your walls or basement.

Gutter Debris

Leaves, branches, bird nests, and “roofed” toys can block the drainage in your gutters, which can make your roof a pool of water, and even worse, may cause rot to the roof, your windows, siding, and even damage the foundation of your home.

Storm Damage

A sudden burst of wind, a minor storm, or a hurricane can have a devastating and costly effect on your home and finances. Most storm damage including hail, wind, fire, and snow is covered by your homeowner’s policy. Let us deal with your insurance company.

Reason For Choosing Us


Gutter Repair

Signs of dripping or water stains mean you probably need a repair. A Marathon gutter installation or repair will fix your leak.



Your roof, fascia, and soffits are key protective components that protect your home from water damage.



Your gutter installation should be properly aligned with your roof, preventing leaks and further water damage to your home.

Marathon’s gutter and roofing crews follow the Marathon Certified Installation Process.  We are fully insured.  Ask about Marathon Restorations Warranty!